Distractions From the Now

Posted by Shayla LaFreniere on Friday, March 14, 2014.

Sometime between the ages of 14 and 15 I began to immerse myself in the study of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Spirituality and Religion; I read any and everything I could get my hands on. These studies are what led to my becoming a Vegan and why I started to practice yoga (but that is another topic).One thing that kept coming up was the idea of living in the moment, to be completely and fully present, to be here now. I think I was particularly interested in this idea because being a creative person I have always tended to live in my head and I sometimes spend more hours in the day dreaming than doing; which is not very productive. Dreaming of course is a good thing but only if you are able to convert some of that energy into actually manifesting your dreams (if not all of them, at least some of them).

I also tend to look back a lot, particularly when I have new idea.
I often find myself bogged down with thoughts of past mistakes, things I wish I had done differently; things I wish I hadn’t done at all, and more often than not I find myself wishing I hadn’t waited so long to move through the cobwebs of my dreams to get to where I am today.I find myself repeatedly thinking things like…

Why did it take me so long to get here?
I wish I had known this a few years ago. 
I wish I had realized that sooner. 
I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on that. And on and on and on.I am going into the second year of business with laLa Grace and as many of you know we are also trying to have a baby so now more than ever I find my mind simultaneously filled with big wonderful Dreams and what sometimes feels like completely debilitating fears. Many of those fears stem from thinking way to much about past mistakes and my ongoing struggle with letting go of what has passed and just be here now.My husband is constantly telling me to stop worrying about the past and just move forward. Why is this so hard to do? Do you all have similar issues? How do you overcome it?Hand Lettering by me.

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