Winter or Summer

Posted by Shayla LaFreniere on Friday, January 31, 2014.

I was born in Jamaica and moved to Miami, FL when I was 6 years old; I lived there until I was 27 then I moved to Phoenix, AZ for a few years before I briefly moved to Lewisburg, PA for 6 months before moving to Northern Virginia. Being that I’ve lived in warm climates most of my life you’d think I’d hate the winters here but I don’t, I really don’t and I think a lot of that is how happy I am here.

I read the above quote recently and it really resonated with me because this winter especially has been very very cold, we have been in the single digits with highs in the teens and low 20’s for weeks and that’s without the windchill factor; but I’m unphased and in fact I still find myself getting excited when I see snow on the forecast.

Sure there’s less sunshine and these cold temps mean less time outside and if you do go outside you need to put on about 5 layers of clothes (no I’m not kidding). But they also mean more reasons to wear boots, more reasons for a hot cup of cocoa, more reasons to be a homebody (which I naturally am anyway), more time to enjoy long conversations by the fireplace, more time to read, more time to cuddle,  and more time to just sit and be with your thoughts.

So though I’ll be happy when winter comes to an end, I am just as happy wearing this soft cozy sweater right now in this moment.

How are you all enjoying your winter?

{ Miranti Kayess } January 31, 2014 at 4:51 PM
It's funny, my husband and I always talk about hoping to be able to experience living in a cold climate at least once in our lives :) But then again, I guess we both favour the cold and really struggle with the Australian heat. Our winters are never very cold here but I'm still looking forward to temperatures dropping in a couple of months time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your winter :)
{ Shayla LaFreniere } February 1, 2014 at 11:52 AM
Well you all are welcome to come visit one winter if you'd like. I love living somewhere with 4 seasons. Though I know it must be difficult to live somewhere that is summer over the holidays Christopher and I dream of visiting of Australia one day; it is at the top of our travel list. :)

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