Back From Vacation

Posted by Shayla LaFreniere on Monday, June 3, 2013.

I’m back from vacation and so happy to be home!

We actually ended up coming back a few days early and took a 3 day staycation which was even better than our vacation in Mrytle Beach. I’m going to be honest and say that we were not fans of Myrtle Beach, it was very, very, very dirty, there were no good restaurants, the one health food store/restaurant in town was super expensive, there wasn’t much to do and what there was to do was not so great and very overpriced; and did I mention that it was DIRTY!

We’re happy we went mainly because it was really nice for Christopher to experience golfing in Myrtle Beach but we definitely won’t be going back and would not recommend it. I had planned to take a lot more photos but there wasn’t much to photograph. The photos above were taken at Sunset the day we got there, it was a little cool but Christopher and I headed out to the beach so we could sink our toes into the sand.

Since this vacation was such a flop we’re trying to figure out where to go for our 1 year anniversary in August, we’re thinking maybe Canada or Jamaica (my home country) but we’re not sure. If you all have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them?

So anyway, now I’m back, I have a lot of great blogs coming your way and I’ve started work on the laLa Grace website so I can start working on the Wholesale portion of that business. I also have a lot of client projects to catch up on but I’m taking just one more day off… because 1 year ago today my Grandfather passed away and so I feel like I just need a little time to myself to reflect, pray, do some yoga, clean up the house, go to the grocery store and run a few errands.

Everything else on my to do list can wait until tomorrow.

{ Sharon } June 3, 2013 at 9:23 PM
Hey Shayla,

Wow, I had no idea Myrtle Beach wasn't great! It has always sounded "cool-" what a bummer! So sorry it turned out to be disappointing.

We went to Vancouver for our honeymoon, and also considered Banff. We enjoyed Vancouver, but not so much the "downtown" itself. We stayed on Granville Island, which is kind of a revitalized part of the city, and there was a open-air market in walking distance with a variety of food and iced white tea and I think herbal tea for sale! There were walking paths EVERYWHERE, and a big park with more walking paths. You can drive to Whistler if you want to check out the mountains and site of the Olympics. I'm trying to remember what else we did... I think I remember trying a vegetarian restaurant with an open courtyard that was good. Anyway, we enjoyed it, but then again that could just be because it was our honeymoon. :)

Will say a prayer for your Grandfather, may he rest in peace. :)

Happy vacation planning!
{ Shayla LaFreniere } June 4, 2013 at 9:48 AM
Thanks for the suggestions Sharon!
And yeah we were very surprised about Mrytle Beach as well but now we know. :)

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