Anniversary Weekend in Philly

Posted by Shayla LaFreniere on Monday, August 12, 2013.

Happy Monday All!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, ours was great!
We went to Philadelphia for a little anniversary weekend getaway and it was wonderful. I’ve never been to Philly before and I have to admit it wasn’t at the top of my travel list, but about a month ago Christopher and I were watching an episode of one of our favorite shows, Chopped called Wheatgrass Roots.

The winner of that episode was Richard Landau, Chef Owner of Vedge restaurant which is located in Philly; after watching the show we decided on a whim that we would go there for our 1 year anniversary. So we booked 2 nights at a hotel in the heart of the city and found a few more vegan restaurants in the area to check out.

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a short 3 hour drive. It was raining on and off and very humid but we had an umbrellas so we didn’t let a little rain stop us. Other than our reservation at Vedge on Saturday night we had no agenda so we just spent the weekend wandering around the city and eating some truly delicious vegan food. And with all that walking I sure was happy for my new Teva sandals, they saved my feet!

When we returned home on Sunday which was our actual anniversary day, we visited the park where we got married and said a few new vows for the coming year. All in all it was a very simple and sweet anniversary.

Pretty Rittenhouse Square

We visited the Rodin museum on Saturday; Rodin is one of our favorite sculptors, it was really interesting to see so much of his work in one place and learn more about

Christopher playing in the fountain at Logan Square; I wanted to go in but my jeans would have gotten soaked and we weren’t heading back to the hotel anytime soon.

We visited Hip City Veg for Friday lunch and dinner and Saturday lunch. We both had the Classic Veg Burger for Friday lunch and shared the Crispy Hip City Ranch for dinner. On Saturday Christopher had the Philly Steak (we were in Philly after all) and I had the Jerk Caesar Salad (I am Jamaican after all). All were 100% plant based and 100% delicious!!!

Saturday night we had dinner at Vedge and ate the MOST delicious food I have EVER eaten. I truly cannot say enough about this restaurant. The flavor profiles were deeply layered and simply out of this world. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15 and Vegan for the past few years and even I never knew vegetables could taste like that. We will definitely be going back to Philly just to visit this restaurant.

A few instagram photos from the weekend.

Revisiting the park where we got married 1 year ago.

Photos by me and Christopher.
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Love your Philly font! So cute and stylish!

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