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Friday, January 10, 2014


Next to Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day has got to be my favorite holiday. I mean who doesn't love a holiday about love? To me Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate all of the people in you life that you love, not just the romantic ones; so you single folks need feel down. On Valentine's Day take a moment to be grateful for everyone in your life that holds a special place in your heart; and why not send them a card to let them know that too.

New Valentine's Cards are up in the Shop along with last years love collection so there's lots to choose from and a few of last year's cards are even on SALE, woohoo!

Our first new card, Long Long Time is from our new Hand Lettered collection (all of our cards are hand lettered, we do not use any fonts but the Hand Lettered collection focuses on lettering and man did I have fun creating them!). So anyway back to this card, it is inspired by the Elton John song Rocket Man with a little revision to the wording.

Next up is our Love Mix Tape which is a great card for just about anyone you love. I've had this design in my head for awhile now, like years; ever since I read the book Love Is A Mix Tape (great book by the way!) and well because when I was a teen love mix tapes were the thing to give to the one 

Then there's our Only You card which was inspired by the song You and Me by Lifehouse (one of my favorite bands and yeah music is one of my main sources of inspiration). I always find love stories so amazing because amidst all of the people in this world when you find the one you love there truly is no one else. 

And there is our Perfect Atoms card which is also from our Hand Lettered collection. I have to say this is one of my favorite cards period. It's a little bit nerdy and just all around sweet. 

Lastly is our You're Weird card (also from the Hand Lettered collection) and it is for sure one of my favorite new cards. This one was inspired by my husband because he's a complete weirdo and I LOVE it, cause well I'm a weirdo too. I also think this card could be given to just about anyone in your life, especially friends; I definitely plan to send it to a few this V-Day. 


  1. They're all definitely fantastic. Love the Long Long Time card. Way to go Shayla!

  2. I love the stories behind your work, Shayla!

  3. Your cards are so cute! I love them all :) So festive for Valentine's Day. So neat that all of your cards are hand-lettered, too!

    1. Thanks Kristyn, I am deeply in love with hand lettering. :)



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