Wednesday, November 7, 2012


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I blog about theology and faith because I regularly have these heavy aches in my heart to share what I’m wrestling with or learning - and it doesn’t lift until I write about it. Once I write about it, it’s as if the burden is lifted and I feel light and free, until it comes again. :) I blog about art, photography and creating because that’s something I love to do - with the hope that in sharing the ideas with others, maybe it might inspire them to make something too. To connect with their Creator, in the act of creating.

Lately, art and creativity as it relates to faith.

Hmm, a favorite is when I shared my story about trespassing and taking photos in an old abandoned farmhouse. (Read it Here)

Actually, your email Shayla pretty much hits the high point of my most memorable blogging moments. To know that my story connected with yours in a transformative way pretty much gives me a reason to keep sharing - even though it’s extremely hard for me to hit that “Post” button each and every time.

I don’t read too many blogs. But one I love is Amanda Jane Jones - she has impeccable style and taste, and her aesthetic is simple yet strong.I also love Andrew and Carissa - the words and images, simple, yet rich with beauty.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday for another great Why Do You Blog? interview! Next up is one of my absolute favorite fashion|style bloggers who's approach to owning clothing is a rather unique one, especially for a fashion blogger; you'll see what I mean when you read her interview.

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  1. Great interview! I LOVE that quote by her in the top image!!! What wise words!! :)



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